traditional and original music played on

acoustic and electric instruments

Who can say!!


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What people say about Ironmasters........

Martyn Harvey posting on Facebook after calling for us at a Late Night Extra @ Whitby Folk Week 2015:   "What can I say? 'Such Fun !', new fab sets, joyous lift throughout, no one should be surprised at their immense popularity.........."


...not forgetting Ivy [aged 6] '...great, almost as good as Queen....'


Nick Walden, after calling for us at Chippenham Folk Festival  [2010] commented "interesting things kept on happening - all ceilidh bands should be like this......."


Fun dancing at Chester Folk Festival last night. The band were probably the best I'd ever heard them. I still have *no* idea how Baz gets away with some of the things he says on stage - Dancer [and musician] after Chester Folk Festival 2013.


We have had alot of ceilidh bands here but these are the best  - over-heard from a barmaid at a venue  2013.


This is the best ceilidh band I have heard - sax player in a rockabily band 2013.


Probably the best ceilidh we ever had - Wimborne Folk Festival 2012


ABU were the best I've ever heard them, & Nick (Walden) [caller] was grinning just to be on stage with the great Bill Caddick. - Gordon Potts [caller & dancer], Chippenham Folk Festival 2010.


Every ceilidh band ought to be like this - interesting things were happening all of the time - Nick Walden [caller] after calling for us at Chippenham Folk Fetsival 2010.


- "Quite a lot of bands play competent lumpy music that starts at a medium level, carries on at that level and then stops. They're OK. Other bands such as All Blacked Up think that isn't enough. They excite you, exhaust you and you still want more!" - Steve Harris, eCeilidh email group 2009.


- It was exactly what I wanted to celebrate my 50th and to be honest, I have never had so much fun and enjoyed a barn dance so much in my life and I could not believe how much fun everyone else were having and that was all down to the band!! – Satisfied customer in Southampton .


- Fee Lock [caller]…had a stonkingly brilliant time at Middlewich!


We hadn't seen them for many years until recently [7th May 2010] and they reminded us how good they were. An immediate rebooking followed - Haddenham Ceilidhs.


[ABU: Haddenham Ceilidhs, as well as re-booking us for the next season [Jan 2011] , also booked us for their Festival on Dec 3rd 2011 and each season since].


what can we say? Been around a long time, throbbing rhythm, pulsating beat melodeons galore and that added ingredient Bill Caddick. He's been there done that; shadow puppets, solo performer, singer/songwriter and no slouch on the guitar. If you want him to sing over the hills and far away - he will oblige, be sure to join in the chorus...”

Stroud Ceildhs


“...bring jazz and R&B to an infectious traditional English groove”

Barry Callaghan: Hardcore English


“When it comes to infectious ceilidh music guaranteed to get even the most reluctant feet tapping, if not dancing, they are among the best”

Folk London Magazine


“...driving, full-bodied yet eminently danceable music”

What’s Afoot Magazine

Some reviews of our live ceilidhs........


a band aware that there is really no such creature that can be rigidly English music, but rather everything is in one form or another English music.....