traditional and original music played on

acoustic and electric instruments

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Nick, along with Baz is a founder member of Ironmasters so that's at least 30 years service, longer than he's been married to long suffering wife Fran!

His involvement with folk music & dance started several years earlier when out of curiosity, he went along to an Ironmen & Severn Gilders Morris practice. This was to be the start of a 16 year stint of stamping his feet and waving  sticks around while wearing black (and red) as an Ironman Morris Dancer,  bit like being a drummer really!


During his illustrious career with the Ironmen & Gilders Nick served many years as Foreman and  Squire and is the originator of many of the Border dance interpretations still danced by the team today.  However, a ruptured Achilles tendon and 2 laparoscopies to remove damaged cartilage from his knees made  Nick realise that playing in a band rather than dancing might be the safer option.


Nick plays mainly drums for Ironmasters but is occasionally let out of his cage to play triangle. He can also be found playing other tapping and hitting things at sessions and the odd concert, the full repertoire consisting of Pearl Masters  acoustic kit, Roland TD12 electronic kit (and a damn site more portable), LP Aspire Cajon, Deadrat Bodhran , LP Bongos, Bones and not forgetting the Cajun triangle which was kindly donated by Lisa!


Nick has also played with The Caradoc Ceilidh Band with (amongst others)  John Shepherd (ex. Albion Band ) and Ed Drury (ex. Maartin Allcock Band).  Apart from recordings released by the band, Nick also features on CD's released by both Bill and Alistair.


"The best thing about playing in Ironmasters is the pleasure from seeing such a great crowd of enthusiastic and regular dancers at our gigs and especially the new generation of youngsters and the energy they bring".  Having admired so many musicians in the folk world over the years  Nick's greatest feeling of achievement as part of Ironmasters is without doubt having been an inspiration to a few of that new generation not only to dance but to "pick up the sticks" and play drums.  "Check out to see what I mean!"

Nick Beck - acoustic & electric drums

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