traditional and original music played on

acoustic and electric instruments

Who can say!!


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the music of Ironmasters.........

Ironmasters play music from a wide range of sources as well as numerous own compositions.


At the core of the Ironmasters set is English traditional music and the band has always thought of itself being very close to what might be called the 'source' players of traditional English Country Music such as Scan Tester, Walter Bulwer, Billy Bennington etc. However we now include a player whos music has come from sessions and workshops, so our folk experience nows spans the full folk revival and present day.


Being born out of a morris dance team and with 5 of us having either danced or played for morris teams we take the fitting of the tune to the dance very seriously. This is a more subtle skill than it might sound and we are very pleased to have received plaudits from a daunting number of high profile callers who danced to us at Chippenham Folk Festival in 2010 [at times all in the same set] - afterwards they all said in their various ways that the fit of tune to dance was perfect. And, of course, thanks to Nick Walden who was our caller at that event.


 Ironmasters combine melodeons, saxophone, recorders and harmonicas with electric instruments and drums without being an over loud band and we like to think that one of our ceilidhs is as good to listen to as to dance to.


The Jukebox above contains two tracks from the bands second Cd 'Spirits of Another Sort' and two from the third and latest 'A Thousand Twangling Instruments' which is available from our recordings page.

why not listen to some as you read...