traditional and original music played on

acoustic and electric instruments

Who can say!!


for details see the 'ceilidhs' page



An evening spent dancing to Ironmasters will offer a varied set of dances mostly from the English tradition, and others written by or collected from other callers. There will be some couple dances and some squares, circles etc and progressive dances that encourage your guests to mix - and a ceilidh really is the best way to have your guests mix at your event. All of the dances are explained by our caller - usually Baz Parkes, but also frequently other nationally known callers.


Many of the dances are traditional and some are written by other callers [who might include Pete Coe, Martyn Harvey, Dave Hunt, or Eddie Upton] and occasionally you might meet a dance that Baz has written himself.  


We don't  fill an evening with Western Squares, or Irish Sets [though we play one], or much from the Scottish Country Dance manual (though we might squeeze in a Dashing White Sergeant) so please do not book us for a dance where we are not the right band!